Bring Beauty into Your Home with Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

Ceramic mosaic tiles add a splash of colour, a unique design element and a touch of class and elegance wherever they are. Ceramic mosaic tiles come in such a vast array of designs, colours and patterns, it would be almost impossible not to find one that will enhance your decor.
What are Ceramic Mosaic Tiles?
Ceramic mosaic tiles are sheets of tile that come in varying sizes and shapes. The pieces that make up the mosaic are often attached to a wire meshto keep them together. The mosaic can consist of several smaller tiles that are all the same size and colour but placed in an alternating pattern such as small rectangular tiles in a brick type pattern. Mosaic patterns can also consist of small squares of complimentary colours placed in a checkerboard pattern to make up a sheet of tiles. The most exquisite mosaic tiles however are the ones that incorporate several different coloured and shaped tiles that are patterned in a way that looks very abstract. You can also purchase mosaic tiles that are set out in a pattern to take on the look of objects or a variety of shapes, such as vases, flowers, diamonds or hearts. A stained glass look mosaic tile is another elegant touch that will add beauty and interest to your interior.
Uses for Ceramic Mosaic Tile
There is no limit to the ways or the surfaces that ceramic mosaic tiles can be used for. The limitless options available in mosaic tiles afford your imagination to run wild with design ideas. These tiles can be used on a variety of surfaces, so if you love the idea of incorporating these beautiful accents into your decor, but don't have a need or budget to renovate your existing tiling, you can add accent pieces to your interior that have been covered in mosaic tiles instead. Examples of this could be a mirror with a coloured mosaic tile border to add a splash of colour to your bathroom. A side table with a mosaic tile top will add beauty and interest to your living space. Install mosaic tiles over the header or hearth of your fireplace to give it an updated unique look as well. Ceramic mosaic tiles also make for excellent feature walls in a bathroom or kitchen space. So as you can see, the uses for ceramic mosaic tile are as endless as the designs themselves.
Installing Mosaic Tiles
If you decide that your interior could use the visual impact of ceramic mosaic tiles, your application site will dictate your installation material and method. You will need the chosen tile of course, as well as mortar and grout. Some other useful tools include a tile nipper for cutting the tiles that are too big for your space, as well as a wire cutter to cut the mesh that the mosaic is placed on, a v-notched trowel to spread the mortar, and a rubber tile float to press the tile into the mortar. Depending on the spacing between the mosaic's patterns, there are several grouts to choose from. Research the options available to you. Most of all, enjoy the visual impact that ceramic mosaic tiles will add to your home for many years to come.